Sunday, October 25, 2009

Worship Of The Goddesses

I have been quietly working on my preparation for the Village Halloween Parade and the New York City Marathon. Thankfully, only once a decade do they come this year.

Leaving little time for frivolous distractions like knitting, it would take quite a large, glittery, seductive and truly intelligent, invaluable and, dare I say, HONEST knitting resource to knock me senseless.

Well, boys, it's happened. No, I've dated knitting policemen...but this is close.

As further introduction, let me wax on a little more...

On pages 84 and 85 of my copy of Barbara G. Walker's book, Knitting From The Top , the writer HINTS and TEASES at an interesting idea...simultaneous set-in sleeves. In other words, the sleeves are knit at the same time as the body...seamless, and unrecognizable as anything but a set-in sleeve.

"The Devil, I say.", representing audience appreciation of this impossibility. But wait...Ms. Walker has so many skills and accomplishments...there must be more than a kernel of truth here.

So, like Demosthenes, I go hunting for an honest author...trying all past August and part of September to tame this idea into submission and the perfect sweater.

I was beginning to feel like my house was robbed during the search for this honest author. I admit to choosing a particularly complex subject that included cables and myriad details to take on as each row progressed. But I never quite got least to my satisfaction.

Cut to early October, as my other life interests began to become immutable, and I just happened to see this

The Tailored Sweater

If you require any further hand-holding, or to see the work being made using her techniques and calculator, Ravelry offers:

The Tailored Sweater Group

Armed with a well-designed spreadsheet for the calculations, a support group of fellow enthusiasts and a well-written and painfully exact method, I am converting patterns I have had on the sideline for a long time, ready to go when my working life relaxes.

Tuulia Salmela, a young Finnish designer and entrepreneur, has made me a happy man. And Ms. Walker has become honest, again, in my eyes. I am worshipful of them both. Different alter, but the same aching knee!

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