Wednesday, December 22, 2010

At lunch today, I had the opportunity to talk with a young black hand knitwear designer and artisan. Our discussion centered on the concerns of male knitters, the patterns that get published, and the reasons for such boring and uninspiring fare almost universally available. The theories flew.

  1. Since the majority of knitters are women, they are the ones who have to be attracted to the design. Therefore, they know the type of clothing worn by their significant don't try anything off the well-worn pathway. Women can be so conservative...look at contemporary fashion.
  2. A man should never wear anything more becoming than a cereal box, because the last thing his woman needs is some hussy trollope preening at him and his clothes.
  3. Similarly, if it is a large investment of time and energy, the female knitter will not waste time, budget or stash on a garment her man might not, will not, cannot wear. In other words, NSFW. (Not Safe For Work)
  4. The men who DO knit are all gay, and they'll go for the colorful, well-fitted, striking or unusual knitwear. Why tempt other men to hit on him and possibly have him switch to the other stadium?
  5. The only men who wear colorful, well-fitted, striking or unusual hand knitwear ARE gay. We would endanger the welfare of our unit, destroy camaraderie in the group, unravel the fabric of society...oops, wrong argument and subject. Sorry!
What do you think?

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