Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Cossacks Are Coming! The Cossacks Are Coming!

In my knitting re-enactments of exciting but destructive events in history, I am hard at work uncovering under-explored hand-knit garments and accoutrements of victors and victims.

My latest...the Steppes of Asia. Mongol patterns are so hard to find! 

Vicki Square's Folk Hats book is a well-developed resource...I will be dipping into it periodically for your entertainment, elevation and edification...oh, yeah...and to keep my head warm with another signature hat.

I have now 14 hats...worn from my days as an events producer.

"Why so?", you may ask. Cuz, when out-of-doors at a mile-long parade, or upon acres of fields devoted to a temporary festival or crafts fair, inevitably someone arrives, looking for the troublemaking King Asparagus of the event.

Rather than respond with a shrug and a doleful "Oh, he's out-of-season.", the responder would helpfully offer, "Look for the guy with the hat!"

 Thanks to John F. Kennedy, no one wore hats anymore. But I did...and now, am found!

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