Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cissexual Assumptions By Women

I yearn for more summer-weight knitting projects.

I have gathered a few here, kicking fiber and collecting names.

Got my eye open for others, but warm reality kicks in. I see a techniques book coming out of this…LOL

These are on Ravelry - know to some, unknown to others. I will start looking to yarn manufacturers' sites for more patterns. Then I will list some yarns to consider.

  • Slick Silk by Michael Cooper 
  • Summer Cotton Henly by Drew Emborsky 
  • Simple Summer Tweed Top Down V-Neck by Heidi Kirrmaier
  • Sweetheart Shorts by Knit Picks Design Team 
  • Tweed Polo by Dawn Leeseman 
  • Mike’s Easy-Fit Pullover by Joan McGowan-Michael 
  • Gilgo Pullover by Martha Ann Hoffurann 
  • November10 by ANKESTRICK 
  • Rotation by ANKESTRICK 
  • Men’s Mesh Shorts 2 by Sandi Hagan 
  • Turnstone Pullover by Alexis Winslow 
  • Men’s Swimsuit by Dale Peterson 
  • Trailblazer by Lisa Richardson 
  • Ola Jacket by MillaMia Sweden 

If you leave out the wasp-waist shaping and substitute Chest to Waist shaping, ignore the word bust and substitute chest, shorten the sleeves, ignore the female tag and look for unisex, or get a good book on Knitting Stitches and get EZ’s Knitters Almanac or one of Barbara Walkers Encyclopedias and Knitting From the Top Down, your summer knitting is guaranteed.

 In support of this notion, learn to do a gauge swatch, convert the dimensions of your swatch to the designers’ dimensions, and knit ANYTHING in silk, linen, hemp, cotton, viscose, bast, pineapple fiber, or the latest yarn made from the dregs of winemaking…LOL. Go visit Habu’s studio or website and get busy.

Globally-warmed, summer-weight yarns are HOT right now, so manufacturers are scrambling to adjust, but don’t count on men's patterns increasing in number.

Keep your filthy money,! (Larry's silliest, dressed-in-drag-comeback to Moe, "Don't you call me a You-You!" Years wasted in my youth, sigh!)

If you wait for a publisher to discover your interest, now, after thirty years of “rediscovery”, you ain’t gonna be found.

Publishers make money selling to women. Make your garments from the female-targeted designs that appeal to you, and just…change “em. Become your own designer.

 As in all things out there, cissexual assumption should be avoided in knitting, as well.

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  1. This is interesting. You should write an article about this for Knitty or one of the print magazines. Maybe it could fly in Vogue? Or better yet, Yarn Market News might be interested in this as an article for designers and shop owners.