Friday, April 5, 2013

My Next Project

I no longer assume that the social knitting sites like Ravelry have the best or largest selection of patterns or ideas. The trend is moving against them.
Increasingly, websites for the manufacturers are devoting memory space on their servers for third-party designs using their yarn. Why, you may ask?

  • Hiring in-house designers is expensive and difficult to market directly. 
  • Social sites will never stop jumping to the latest glittering generality. 
  • The number of them grows daily, fracturing the number of eyes for advertisers, making lots of information and little knowledge, and narrowing the audience for each. 
  • Independents are discovering how their business is truly "dependent" on fickle and manipulated Google heuristics, or buried in so called "maker direct marketer" sites, like Etsy. 
  • Online reputations can be created and destroyed in one or two clicks by benevolent or malicious people. 

 The manufacturers are quickly discovering how to reliably direct traffic to their yarn with little directing you to a designer.

Like pie crusts, these linkages are easily made, and easily broken, if needed. Have will probably find tons of ideas and patterns not on knitting social sites.

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